KCET Staffer Pays a Visit to ‘Port Wenn’

Given the fact that the slow-cooked British ITV comedy series Doc Martin ranks as KCET’s most popular program, employee Bohdan Zachary (pictured, left) decided to travel to the breathtakingly beautiful Cornwall town of Port Isaac, where the show is filmed under the guise of “Port Wenn.” The upcoming fifth season may be the small town doctor serial’s last.

From the get-go, blogs Zachary, he realized that he had tackled a magical assignment. The taxi driver who picked him up at the train station exclaimed, “You’re the American. Welcome to our piece of heaven.” But Zachary was actually more accurately just the latest Yank:

The actors were eager to talk about how many American tourists are suddenly popping up in Port Isaac–a sign of the series’ success on public television.
[Star] Martin [Clunes] and [his producer-wife] Philippa [Braithwaite] beamed liked proud parents showing off a baby when I told them their show is KCET’s most popular and highest-rated show. “Marvelous!” said Martin.

There are already separate German and Spanish-language versions of the show. Also, for better or worse, Zachary reveals that several Hollywood producers are currently in negotiations to secure the U.S. small screen remake rights.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.