KFI Pens Open Letter to the Community

In response to the the various recent “John and Ken Show” controversies, particularly the last one, KFI 640 AM today has issued a two-page “MEMORANDUM TO THE COMMUNITY.”

Signed by program director Robin Bertolucci, market manager Greg Ashlock and marketing director Neil Saavedra, the letter essentially outlines the station’s version of seven points of light. They include:

4. John and Ken, along with key staff and management, will participate in cultural sensitivity training furthering their awareness of the cultural melting pot that is Southern California.

7. We are reviewing our talk formats and will find a platform for auditioning a diverse group of local hosts and guests. While our programs are still developing, we anticipate creating unique programming to reflect important issues to our multi-cultural community… Interested parties can contact us at TalkProgrammingLA@clearchannel.com

These “initial efforts” are solid and indicate that the Thursday night “What the Hell Did Jesse Jackson Say?” feature on “Tim Conway Jr.” will soon have more plentiful and serious on-air company. KFI also promises in the letter make sure its ongoing internship program properly includes minority students.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.