Kickstarter Achieves 3rd Million Dollar Project

Kickstarter is the place for independent filmmakers/comic book writers/sculptors/etc to raise money for their ventures.  The site lets anybody log on, find a project they like, and donate any given amount.  If the donor give certain amounts, the content creators reward that person with a special item; a limited edition version of the film or a hard copy of a comic, for instance.

Just recently, the site achieved it’s 3rd million dollar project, a comic book entitled “Order of the Stick”.

The site has been exploding lately, and last October reached the 1 million donors mark.  That’s a big deal, as those aren’t just users; those are paying users.  We’ve been covering Kickstarter for nearly a year and there’s no doubt that the level of projects and the big successes are vastly different than what they were last year.  All signs point to this being the beginning of a new way of funding projects, and as the major movie studios and major record labels see their profits diminishing and willingness to bet on independents shrink, we may see some of the best content of the next decade come out of independently sourced projects like those on KS.

Take a look at the schedule of Order of the Stick, the latest million (now 2 million) dollar project, and you can see how quickly the project took off on KS.

VentureBeat talked with the co-founder of the site and found some interesting challenges for the company — they try to discourage any existing company from using Kickstarter, but with these latest projects the line has been blurring.  Order of the Stick is a project that has been ongoing for a while, and Double Fine is a well known game studio.

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