Actress Kim Novak Revisits Controversial ‘Rape’ Remark

After making major media waves in January with her use of the word “rape” to qualify how she felt upon hearing snippets from the score of Vertigo in this year’s Best Picture winner The Artist, actress Kim Novak has now tried to add context to her remarks. And that context is shocking.

Novak told AP reporter Derrik J. Lang yesterday via phone interview that she did not use the term lightly, and that she was in fact raped as a younger woman. From the article

“When I said it was like a rape, that was how it felt to me. I had experienced in my youth being raped, and so I identified with a real act that had been done to me. I didn’t use that word lightly. I had been raped as a child. It was a rape I never told about, so when I experienced this one, I felt the need to express it.”

Although this revelation very sadly confirms Novak’s personal acquaintance with the term, it still does not necessarily justify her having used it for the discussion of a movie soundtrack. To read the full AP article, click here.

Novak is scheduled to be among the honorees at next month’s TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood.

[Photo: TCM Achives]

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