Kontagent adds funnels and custom dashboards to its mobile analytics

Analytics provider Kontagent is bolstering its kSuite mobile analytics product, adding funnels and custom dashboards. According to Aaron Huang, Kontagent’s director of product marketing, both features are a direct cross-over from web analytics, and were previously only available to clients using Kontagent’s social kSuite analytics product.

Mobile developers using Kontagent’s funnels can now view how users progress through events like tutorials, and see where they might be dropping off. This allows developers to see exactly where refinements need to be made. Custom dashboards allow mobile kSuite users to create and share charts based on a variety of standard metrics such as session length, or average revenue per user. Developers can also create charts based on custom metrics like average revenue per minute if they wish.

Harmonizing the features between its mobile and social products is a good way for Kontagent to stay competitive in the mobile analytics market, especially as many of its social analytics clients begin to make the jump to mobile.

Earlier in the month Kontagent announced its kSuite analytics are now used in more than 1,000 apps and reached a userbase of more than 150 million monthly active users. Huang declined to reveal what percentage of the company’s clients were mobile customers.

Kontagent’s mobile competitors include the market-leader Flurry, which recently added support for HTML5 apps, Apsalar, which announced earlier this week it was making its analytics offerings even more detailed, Clartics, Localytics, Medio and Mixpanel.

So far the company has raised $17.75 million in funding from Facebook’s fbFund, Battery Ventures, Maverick Capital,  Altos Ventures and various Angels.

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