‘Kony’ Viral Filmmaker Jason Russell Detained for Alleged Public Masturbation, Vandalizing Cars*

Quite the day for global awareness. First Mike Daisey, the man who brought global attention to the conditions inside Apple’s Chinese factories, was outed as a fabricator. Now the man behind the Kony viral video has been arrested was detained by police for–among other things–public masturbation and vandalizing a car. According to NBC San Diego, Invisible Children founder Jason Russell was arrested detained last night by San Diego police in Pacific Beach after residents complained about a man running through the streets in his underwear, causing trouble.

Having lived in San Diego and spent many a youthful night in Pacific Beach, we can honestly say Russell’s behavior wasn’t out of the ordinary for a Thursday night. That said, when you represent yourself as a Christian philanthropist and are in the midst of soliciting donations from all over the world for the noble cause of helping free child soldiers in Uganda, you might want to at least wait for the weekend to unleash that inner Caligula.

*TMZ reports that Russell will not be charged with any crimes. Initial reports that Russell was arrested by police now say he was merely detained. He was taken to a local hospital for treatment and, according to TMZ, he is currently on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

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