Kotex Uses Pinterest to Generate Social Media Buzz


Smoyz, an Israeli ad agency, has executed a Pinterest-based campaign (the firm says it’s the first-ever) on behalf of its client Kotex. The firm selected 50 women who posted pictures of things that inspire them — a foodie posting pictures about cooking, for example. Smoyz then hired an artist to paint objects related to those interests in the new Kotex design. The items and a box of Kotex were sent to the Pinterest users as a gift.

According to the campaign clip above, the promo was a success because the women shared details with their followers about the gift they received, resulting in more than 2,000 impressions.

Adrants says the promo is an example of what will surely be a marketing trend — using the “interest graph.” We wondered if the campaign broke too far from the Kotex product.

The Kotex ads currently running here in the U.S. stress the reality of a woman’s period. It’s not about yoga and running through a meadow. (Check it out below.) The Smoyz clip, on the other hand has a woman playing with glitter with the words “Color makes people happy” on the screen.

We asked Smoyz whether the ad is running in Israel; the firm is unsure. But, Smoyz’s CEO, Yael Linen-Zuchman, did say this in an email to us, “We had a ripple effect and women who were not involved in the campaign posted statuses like ‘What is this deal with all the kotex gifts, can I have one too?!” The main purpose was to have woman talk about the brand and the experience and it worked.”

Tied to that idea, we literally just got a tweet from @Mikinzie talking about something totally different (tips for using Instagram to build a brand) that might apply here: “Don’t be afraid to experiment: fun ways to show brand personality w/o actually showing product ie caption contest, playlists, etc.”

Sending active social media users a free gift is sure to generate buzz. It could even create loyal customers. But we wondered whether this is too far from the point and purpose of Kotex to have a lasting impact. Moreover, we like the idea of straight talking the purpose of a feminine hygiene product. Enough with the frou frou business.

So what do you think? Too far afield or a good way to build the brand?

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