USC Prof to KPCC: You Blew It with Patt Morrison

Carol Muske-Dukes, an author and professor of English-creative writing at USC, takes KPCC 89.3 management to task on The Huffington Post for the way they have recently treated Patt Morrison. The SCPR radio personality and Pulitzer prize winner was shown the studio door in early September after years of weekday, on-air service:

The valedictory eloquence of Morrison’s thoughtful September 7 farewell stood in stark contrast to KPCC management’s close-mouthed handling of their cancellation of the show. There was, by all reports, no announcement or explanation by the station’s administrators until days after Morrison’s show vanished – literally “into thin air.” Then, on the creaky-voiced Larry Mantel show, which had been re-positioned and extended in the wake of the Patt cancellation, there was a brief, vague reference to the termination by president and CEO Bill Davis, who murmured something about a “change.”

Although KPCC has assured that Morrison will continue in the future to contribute to the station, an online petition was launched urging the Southern California Public Radio operation not to cancel Morrison’s program. Muske-Dukes meanwhile called the station to complain, and to vp of content Russ Stanton’s credit, he returned her call.

Most tellingly, Muske-Dukes gives Morrison’s yanked show the kind of endorsement KPCC will be hard pressed to duplicate:

Those who listened to Morrison’s early-afternoon show while driving (I fell into this category) often found it hard to turn the program off with the engine upon arrival at a destination. Many have sat, parked, late for an appointment, as I have, staring ahead, listening intently to Patt.

Read the full HuffPo article here. Morrison meanwhile can still be found, among other places, in the Opinion section of the LA Times.

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