KPFK Parent Company Pacifica Hires Union-Buster Law Firm

KPFK parent company Pacifica Foundation has retained the services of notorious union-busting law firm Jackson Lewis. The firm is notorious for holding seminars to help companies create “union free workplaces.”

From an anonymous KPFA employee on the California Labor Federation blog:

Last week, the union representing KPFA’s workers, Communications Workers of America Local 9415, became aware of Jackson Lewis’ hire by Pacifica at all five stations in the network – KPFA in the San Francisco Bay Area, KPFK in Los Angeles, KPFT in Houston, WPFW in Washington D.C., and WBAI in New York. At a meeting of KPFA’s bargaining unit, the station’s union workers voted to demand that the Pacifica National Board immediately terminate its arrangement with Jackson Lewis, and sent a letter to all members of Pacifica’s board to that effect. The board met Wednesday, March 7, but chose not to take action to reverse its employment of the union-buster…

For many KPFA listeners and staff, Pacifica’s latest move brings back memories of their struggle against Pacifica management over a decade ago, in which Pacifica hired an anti-union consultant and then installed armed guards, eventually locking out its entire staff and shutting down the station. The new agreement with Jackson Lewis comes on top of over $100,000 KPFA has already spent on other anti-union legal consultants.

We’re guessing Pacifica’s primarily left-wing audience isn’t going to be too pleased that a good chunk of its donations were spent on union-busting.

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