Kurt Vonnegut Novella Released As Kindle Single

RosettaBooks is releasing a new novella from author Kurt Vonnegut as a Kindle Single. Vonnegut wrote the previously unreleased book Basic Training in the 1940s, but had trouble selling it at the time.

A spokesperson for the publisher explained more about the book via email. She writes: “Written to be sold under the pseudonym of ‘Mark Harvey’—Vonnegut was working in public relations for General Electric and used pseudonyms to protect himself from the charge of moonlighting…” It was never picked up and has never been published until now.

The book is 22,0000 words, which fits into the Kindle Singles format for content that is longer than a magazine article but shorter than a book. Paidcontent.org recently reported that Amazon has sold more than two million Kindle Singles.

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