LA Times Festival of Books: The Writers

We ran into Steve Wasserman who was the editor of the Los Angeles Times Book Review. And we also had a cup of coffee with Jerry Berrios who was on the SCV beat for LA Daily News. We also saw Bridgett Kinsella who was the West Coast Editor of Publishers Weekly.
Kinsella pointed out that this is how people have to be introduced now – with the qualifier “he was” or “she was”. It’s part of the current media conversation.
That and Twitter. Before every panel there was an announcement to turn off your cell phones but they want you to Twitter the event and even suggested the hashtag #latfob. We heard at least three people remark, “Why would I care about what someone had for breakfast?” Which lead to the inevitable discussion as to how Twitter is actually useful if you seek breaking news etc. Plus if you’re curious about others breakfast habits…
Anyway, we heard about Twitter angst than Kindle dread. We heard of only one author (there could have been many) that remarked that she wrote books – not whatever was on that thing [the Kindle]. Said author was a poet – so you know those people are up on (ahem) trends.