Lara Craft: Dig for Artifacts in This Facebook Puzzle Game

Lara CraftEva Studio has released its newest game on Facebook: Lara Craft. In the game, players follow Lara on her journey through the mines to find treasure. The match-three puzzle game is similar to King’s Diamond Digger Saga, as players complete levels by clicking on groups of gems to clear a path for water to make its way around a game board.

In each level, players have a limited amount of moves to complete a particular objective. Each level has a different layout of rooms and boards, and players remove gems by clicking on groups of three or more matching gems. As players clear gems, the dirt under them is also removed, and water rushes into these new spaces. When water reaches a doorway at the edge of the board, the screen shifts to a new room where the cycle continues.

One level may ask players to earn a large number of points, while another asks them to collect artifacts by surrounding them with water, and so on. Levels become more challenging as players progress, with some dirt blocks requiring multiple matches before they’re broken, as an example.Lara CraftAs players clear gems, a dynamite meter charges in the corner of the screen. When filled, players can use this dynamite to instantly clear all gems of a chosen color from the board. Separate power-ups are also available for purchase and activation during levels. One makes this dynamite charge faster, while another clears a chosen cluster of nine squares from the board, as examples.

When players have completed a level’s objective, any leftover moves are turned into bonus points, and players earn up to three stars on the stage, depending on their final score. Gamers are encouraged to share their progress with their friends via news feed updates, and can compare their scores with their friends’ on each level’s leaderboard.

Lara Craft is available to play for free on Facebook.

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