Larry Page: Google+ Has 90M Users and 80% Sign In Weekly

Google’s CEO Larry Page has gone on record to state that Google Plus now has 90 million users, and 80% of those users sign in weekly.  He was a bit vague with the definition of ‘sign in’ and would not specify whether the 90m represented monthly active users, but at our last check we had reported that Google Plus had 49m visits in December, making this a dramatic jump for January.

Google also revealed that there are 1 million business/brand pages on the service, and a few more stats.  You can see more details over at their page, where Vic Gundotra shared the post on Google Plus, as well as a pretty neat slideshow showing the numbers themselves within what seems to be a hangout.

It’s also notable that it’s some of the biggest news they broke just as they announced their earnings for the last fiscal quarter. While revenue grew to $8.13 Billion, that was not enough for analysts who were expecting $8.31 Billion at least.  The stock took quite a tumble after the news, and it can be asked whether Larry Page is emphasizing Google Plus to make up for the fact that Google’s revenue per ad click decreased by 8% over the last quarter.

That said, Google has always sacrificed short term profits for long term value, and their reasoning is that they’ve been trying to increase the quality of search quality and that has meant sometimes pointing users to links that are more relevant rather than simply more profitable for Google.  That makes perfect sense to us users, but seems like blasphemy to the Wall Street crowd who raise a furor about short term sacrifices — the street has a severe case of myopia and typically favors doomsday thinking rather than long term assessment.


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