LAT FOB: Publishing 3.0 Panel

The Publishing 3.0 panel was moderated by the LAT’s David L. Ulin. Panelists were Sara Nelson formerly of Publisher’s Weekly, publisher Richard Nash, founders Otis Chandler and Vromans’ blogger Patrick Brown.

First off, Nash clad in a tie, sporting a British accent, speaks only in sound bites. It’s kind of awesome.

When talking about the media meltdown crisis. “Writing and reading are doing just fine.” Which met applause. “It’s the intermediaries that get these two together [that are struggling].” And,”The 20th century was about supply and the 21st century is about demand.”

Nelson, whom we last saw at BEA hosting the Lewis Black fundraiser concert, agreed with Nash,”The supply chain is broken.” She added,”In 20 years of covering the publishing industry every year someone will say, ‘Last year was the golden era of publishing’.”

Brown mentioned that Vroman’s chartered a bus loaded with their community of readers to the festival. He called it ‘adding value’ noting that Vroman’s is not a book store where you will find the cheapest price. The store was founded in Pasadena way back in the late 19th century, 1894 and is still in operation. They started the Vroman’s blog two years ago to help get readers to the books they want. “We’ve always served that function, it’s just amplifying it.”

Then during the question part of the panel, LAT blogger former LAist editor Carolyn Kellogg read a question from Twitter,”Not feeling the publishing 3.0 panel. It looks like no matter what happens, writers are screwed.”

Which we’d like to point out is not a question, ahem Twitter.

Nash replied, “Not true.” He continued,”The entire thing [publishing industry] will have to operate on a more entrepreneurial model.”

Well said, Nash.

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