Layoff At Forbes

Forbes is going through a second round of layoffs. MediaMemo reports that roughly 50 employees will lose their jobs in the editorial, human resources, audience development and product management departments. Forbes under went its first round of layoffs in November when the magazine shuttered its auto site and then cut down its travel section as well. In December the company again downsized, laying off staff in their web division.

Their last round of layoffs, Forbes pointed to excising redundancies in staff as the company merged its digital and print department. This time around, they can blame nothing, but the economy&#151which hasn’t been exactly kind to the finance magazine.

Oddly enough, Forbes has not updated their unemployment tracker with it’s own layoffs. Sure its not as drastic as Wal-Mart cutting 650 jobs or IBM taking out five percent of its staff, but in the interests of honesty, you’d think they’d at least note their cuts.

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