Le Huffington Post is Live

For those who were eagerly awaiting the launch of Le Huffington Post France, today’s your day.

The site is an independent venture formed in partnership with The Huffington Post, The Le Monde Group and Les Nouvelles Editions Indépendantes.

As we shared last week, Anne Sinclair, wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, is the editorial director. Paul Ackermann is editor-in-chief and will be in charge of daily operations. There are already more than 200 bloggers who contribute content, including former presidential candidates Rachida Dati and Julein Dray.

“I’ve loved France ever since I was 11 and my father took me and my sister to Paris — our first trip outside Greece,” said Arianna Huffington. “So I’m delighted to be launching Le Huffington Post at this crucial time in France’s and Europe’s history, bringing HuffPost’s platform and emphasis on journalism, social media, and community to a country with its own unique sensibility, rich culture and diversity of voices.”

Sinclair commented:

“For the past seven years, The Huffington Post has brought a liberating mix of controversy and ‘conversation’ — a favorite word in America, one that also means the exchange of ideas, discussions, debates — to the American digital landscape. And we’re happy to say that Arianna Huffington is exporting her savoir-faire, her experience, her platform, her technological tools to our version here in France. Debate, in particular, is an omnipresent feature of French society. And we hope to encourage and expand that French commitment to debate even further. And we’ll do that by opening up access to the public conversation and vastly expanding the pool of those who take part.”

The Huffington Post UK and The Huffington Post Canada both launched last year. Le Huffington Post Quebec is scheduled to launch in February. El Huffington Post Spain is scheduled to launch in March, and the recently announced L’Huffington Post Italia is scheduled to launch this year.

(1) Le Huffington Post Team meets at AOL Huffington Post headquarters in New York. (Damon Dahlen, AOL)
From left to right:
David Kessler, general director of Nouvelles Editions Indépendantes (LNEI); Anne Sinclair, editorial director of Le Huffington Post; Cindy Jeffers, vice president of technology of The Huffington Post; Nicholas Sabloff, international editor of The Huffington Post; Tim Dierks, SVP, engineering, media technologies of The Huffington Post; Louis Dreyfus,  CEO of Le Monde; Conor White-Sullivan, director of editorial technology of The Huffington Post; Paul Ackermann, editor-in-chief of Le Huffington Post

(2) Arianna Huffington meets with the Huffington Post France team at the AOL Huffington Post headquarters in New York. (Damon Dahlen, AOL)

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