The Wolf of South Beach

The original Daily News item was posted this morning at 2.a.m. Since then, it’s been a long trail of slack-jawed media pick-up regarding the eyewitness report of Leonardo DiCaprio leaving a 1 Oak pop-up at South Beach’s Rec Room accompanied by 20 models.

Gawker went for the in-your-face rhetorical:


Cosmopolitan, the magazine that lasciviously counsels women on how to attract and retain a “Leo,” farcically espouses some disbelief:


Way out in media left field, Think Progress overthinks it:


Finally, Celebuzz hedges its bets in the headline – twice. As in, we’re not sure what happened after Leo and co. left the club, nor, actually, whether that’s in fact how he left the club:


@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.