Lesley Stahl Spends a Few Minutes with Claremont College Students

Last week, 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl visited Claremont Graduate University and spoke for more than an hour about the shifting sands of 21st century journalism.

Thanks to the polarization of the American media and public discourse, she noted that the middle ground of public debate has slipped away. Per a report in student newspaper The Clarion, she also acknowledged that her medium is no longer king of the political message delivery system:

“Twitter is more important than television,” Stahl said. She felt that politicians can now argue from a new platform that changes the United States from being a representative democracy, to a direct democracy when they “tweet” issues and gain large numbers of followers of their own ideas and issues.

Stahl also suggested that whereas the old three-network TV landscape brought Americans together, Twitter drives them apart. She’s right. One of the great #ironies of the little bird is that it facilitates antisocial opining.

[Stahl’s speech was also videotaped for posterity. To view or bookmark, click here]

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