Letter to Editor on ‘Sexpot’ Story

In a letter to the editor, a reader delves into the a topic that turned into something of a hand grenade last week. The story he’s writing about is: “Females on Campaign Trail go for Sexpot Look” (remember that one?). See what he has to say. And if you disagree, please, feminists, try to do so without calling him a “skank”.

Care to hear from a 66-year-old guy, who, although a geezer and probably old enough to be your dad, is still interested in what’s going on in the world and who did his thing in DC from 1978-1990? I come from the pre-Internet era when there was no Tweeting or blogging. When newspapers still ruled and ABC, CBS and NBC  and PBS were all that were on the tube.

And when columnists, both males and females, if they had photos, they were strictly headshots.

I found your articles interesting and thought-provoking. I think your points were well-made. And I think you’ve been unfairly attacked. I would urge you to hang in there and stand up for your beliefs.

My personal opinion of these tweeting photos — and this comes from a guy who although not young anymore, still appreciates a pretty face — I as a man resent those photos. They are insulting to me because I think the women are using them to try to appeal to and manipulate we men. Sure I liked the photo of the LA Times woman, but what kind of reporting does she do? Frankly, I think your generation demeans itself by such behavior.


Cleveland, OH

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