LeVar Burton on How He’s Evolving Reading Rainbow and Who Should Really Sing the Theme Song [Video]

Earlier this year LeVar Burton took a major leap of faith with Mark Wolfe, co-founder and CEO of the Reading Rainbow. Taking to Kickstarter, the two asked fans to help bring back the nostalgic TV brand for a new generation and boost childhood literacy.

According to their Kickstarter campaign, one in four children in America are growing up functionally illiterate. Burton's plan will re-imagine the Reading Rainbow experience, allowing children to access hundreds of books and take online video field trips via an app.

This was no small ask: Reading Rainbow needed $1 million. Amazingly, the campaign hit that mark—in 11 hours. And by the end, it raised $5 million dollars, and Seth MacFarlane donated an extra $1 million.

We caught up with Burton at Cooper Union Library in New York to discuss his passion for childhood literacy, the online support for a new Reading Rainbow and, finally, the artist he wants to remake the show's theme song. 

This is clearly a project close to his heart. But you don't have to take my word for it. Check out the video above.

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