Lindsay Lohan Is Trying to Make a Comeback

So Lindsay Lohan wants you to know she is getting it together and would like to be an actress. She’s going to host Saturday Night Live this weekend and to promote her return to the stage she did an interview with Matt Lauer for the Today show in which she talked about doing what she loves, not being a slave to love, and how much she loves going to movie premieres (especially when she’s in the movie).

The Hollywood Reporter has pulled seven quotes from the interview that they think are the result of perhaps too much media training. We have to say, there’s a point (4:05 in the video after the jump) where she talks about how much she misses “sharing” what she does with viewers, and she seems completely sincere. Basically she’s saying she likes it when people watch her movies, which is a) what movies actors thrive on, so it makes sense and b) kind of vain. Nonetheless, she sounds earnest about wanting to get on the movie-making path.

So back to SNL, we have the promos above for the upcoming episode. To Lauer’s point, the public is forgiving and loves a redemption story.

She may fuel lots of tabloid stories about her real-life exploits, but can Lohan inspire people to shell out money to watch her act? Hollywood is filled with comebacks, so we probably shouldn’t count her out just yet. But she’s going to have to do better than this.


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[h/t Jezebel]