LinkedIn CEO Discusses His Vision of Human Ecosystems [Video]

In a fascinating discussion with CBS This Morning, LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman discussed his vision of the social web and its future.  Specifically, he visualizes social networks as human ecosystems, and he discusses how the future hasn’t even been written for how these human ecosystems will interact with one another.

If you’re a burgeoning entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself to check out the interview and also perhaps think about reading his book, where he asks everybody to become their “own entrepreneur”, where they manage themselves like a business.

He also discussed the importance of using data to enhance people’s lives and experiences.  He feels that data could in fact be Web 3.0 and be the platform upon which people can build new information.  I imagine he means that leveraging massive amounts of currently available data and sorting it properly could give rise to better new applications with more information, like a “What’s fun to do around here” application that sucks in and parses data from many sources and produces results with various different disciplines.

LinkedIn has been doing extremely well after they blew past expectations in the fourth quarter of 2011 — their stock price is nearly double their IPO price of $45.

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