LinkedIn Passes 1 Million Indonesian Members

LinkedIn is full of good news these days.  Their stock is up nearly 200% over its IPO price, their CEO is impressing the street with a smart evaluation of the future of social and their growth has been incredible, at around 150 million users.  To add to this, they are doing well internationally as evidenced by their recent announcement of hitting 1m users in Indonesia.

The LinkedIn blog shows that the company has reached 1 million users after launching LinkedIn in the Bahasa Indonesia language.  Obviously, the strategy has worked as the members have expanded and the number of groups created in the language has gown to over 700 groups.

As a testament to the power of LinkedIn, their blog posts highlight a few stats, such as the top three industry sectors with LinkedIn membership and the three companies with the most employees.  This kind of information is going to help them become experts in International employment, and power up their Corporate Solutions products, which already generate a majority of their revenue.

Image: pedrosek via Shutterstock

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