LinkedIn Users Will Soon Know What Jobs Pay Before Applying for Them

Salary Insights adds estimated or expected salary ranges to open roles

Salary Insights - Credit by LinkedIn
Headshot of David Cohen

LinkedIn just introduced a way to help its members avoid going through the interview process for jobs with salaries that do not meet their expectations.

The professional network announced the rollout of Salary Insights, which will add estimated or expected salary ranges to open roles, getting the numbers either through salary ranges provided by employers or estimated ranges from data submitted by members. The feature will launch “in the coming weeks.”

Salary Insights marks the next step after LinkedIn Salary, which the professional network launched in November 2016 to provide its users with information on salaries, bonuses and equity data for specific job titles, as well as factors that impact those salaries, including experience, industry, company size, location and education level.

LinkedIn also said it will “periodically” remind its member to update their salaries in order to ensure that they are getting the best information from its tools, and it added that users can now delete their salary information privately in their settings, reiterating that this information is always kept confidential to users and never shared on an individual level.

Senior product manager Keren Baruch said in a blog post introducing the new feature, “We know salary insights on job listings is important to you. In fact, a recent survey found that more than 70 percent of professionals want to hear about salary in the first message from a recruiter. By surfacing this information early on in the process, we hope to make the application process more seamless by allowing you to know if a job meets your salary criteria before entering into a conversation with the hiring manager.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.