Worried About Clicking On A Short URL? Try LinkNark

(This is a follow-up article to my post, “Your Office Doesn’t Like URL Shorteners. Now What?“)
Twitter is built around a 140-character messaging limit and URL shortening services such as TinyURL, Bit.ly and is.gd are an essential part of that system. However, with the recent worm exploits, many members of the network are understandably becoming increasingly concerned about clicking on a shortened URL for fear of where it might lead.

Enter LinkNark. LinkNark is a web-based service that lets you fully evaluate any URL before you click on it. Just visit the site, copy the URL into the text box, and hit the button. LinkNark breaks that shortened URL down and tells you exactly where it will lead.
Just think: no more RickRolls, no more spam, no more porn, and no more worms.
And quite possibly no more pleasant surprises, either, but that might be the price you need to pay for peace of mind and online security.

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