Liveblogging Tabloid Wars: Hud Morgan, Slain Cop and a Public Pool Wedding

  • 9:00PM EST: In the intro, Hud Morgan refers to his job as dealing with “lobotomized publicists.”
  • 9:03PM EST: Gunshot in leg. Kerry and his backpack are on the move. Why does this guy get all the sh*t assignments?
  • 9:06PM EST: Gratuitous shot of Hud Morgan‘s skull & crossbones slippers. Could that be Jared Paul Stern product placement?
  • 9:07PM EST: Morgan confirms to Lloyd Grove that Sheryl Crow is a “hot piece of ass.”
  • 9:11PM EST: Deputy editor Greg Gittrich refer to shot cop as a “gift from God” [see update below] — we are in New York right? Surely, there are better “gifts” — like Sheryl Crow blueballing Lance Armstrong, for instance.
  • 9:18PM EST: Tracy Connor. Worked for Post for a time. Confuses parents by toggling for papers.
  • 9:20PM EST: Pet store coverage, Daily News-style. Snakes on a m*therf*cking Tabloid Wars. OK, now this is a sh*t assignment. Lenore Skenazy interviews guy with no definition of personal space whatsoever.
  • 9:23PM EST: Hud Morgan’s Grandpa reads Gawker. Saw report that he was gay. Also, new NBC sitcom pilot premise, 2008.
  • 9:28PM EST: Cop shot equals cover.
  • 9:31PM EST: Hud: “If Tori Spelling is the second name on the list, things are looking kind of bleak.”
  • 9:32 EST: Hud Morgan’s not gay, calls glasses “fetching.” Discuss.
  • 9:32 EST: Adrian Grenier questions Morgan’s livelihood as not doing something for the greater good. Morgan scoffs.
  • 9:33 EST: Shirtless Hud Morgan. Sounds better than it looks.
  • 9:33 EST: “Very little of it is true, which makes it entertaining to read.”
  • 9:34 EST: Hud Morgan expected more of Hackensack. Going there for prostate screening event. Must-see TV.
  • 9:34 EST: Hud Morgan loses “Queens virginity” by venturing into the borough. Sounds better than it looks.
  • 9:44PM EST: Wedding in a public pool. Looks better than it sounds.
  • 9:46 EST: Hud Morgan has made-for-Bravo realization while covering prostate cancer story. “Ben and Jen stuff” inconsequential, he says.
  • 9:52PM EST: Gittrich wants to tell “the whole story” to “do right by this cop.”
  • 9:57PM EST: Morgan’s “earnest and sentimental because it has to be” cancer story. Feigned for the Bravo cameras? Your call.

    UPDATE: Deputy editor Greg Gittrich says he was referring to a reporter’s concession to stay late to work on the story as a “gift from God.” We must’ve missed that in Bravo’s quick-cut style. Our apologies to Gittrich.

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