Local Ad Agency Turns Down Realty TV

No matter how atrocious self-promotion is these days, most journalists think it’s the way to go. All press is good press – right? Well, not in the case of a local ad agency, the Pappas Group, which turned down a chance to be on national Reality TV. The group felt it was bad PR.

Anthony Pappas explains his reasoning in a story in AdAge. He says when they were approached by AMC’s “The Pitch”, they went into deep introspection about it. They thought about how it would affect their lives. They polled friends and family. He writes, “We looked at our team. Which one of our employees could become the next Snooki?”

Further, he said the show would disrupt all aspects of their lives — sleep, diet, lifestyle. After a couple of “agonizing” days, they declined the chance to gain fame. “We don’t need a team of Snooki’s,” he wrote. “We just want to be us.” And as it turns out, corny “us” may be enough. Tonight they will receive seven awards at the D.C. Addy Awards gala at the Almas Temple.

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