Looking for Somewhere to Win a Free Palm Pre? If You Win One, Will it be Delivered by Mid-May?

Palm still hasn’t told us when we will be able to buy a Palm Pre from Sprint PCS in the US. However, if you want to try to win a free Pre, Palm provides some pointers in this item from The Official Palm Blog…
Want a free Pre?
It points to four Palm Pre focused sites that various methods of winning/earning a free Palm Pre: My Pre, Palm webOS, Everything Pre, and PreThinking.
When would a won Pre be delivered? Engadget speculates no earlier than May 16. My guess is that it would be no later than the first week of June – just before the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference that takes place June 8 through 12.
The next big question is: Will the Pre gain marketshare from people moving up from feature phones? Or, will it gain marketshare by taking users away from the BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, or Symbian S60? If it is the latter, I suspect that Windows Mobile is the most in danger of losing disenfranchised end-users.

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