Loot Drop announces ‘Old School RPG’ Kickstarter

Game developer Loot Drop announced yesterday its Kickstarter for Old School RPG, a game (or possibly two games) helmed by Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall.

Old School RPG aims to evoke titles both Brathwaite and Hall worked on early in their careers like Wizardry and Anachronox, renowned for complex gameplay systems and expansive fiction.

Loot Drop will create the game over the course of 12 months if it reaches its goal of $1 million. If it reaches its stretch goal of $1.9 million it will create two games with two entirely different settings–one envisioned by Brathwaite and the other by Hall. If it reaches its goal of $2.1 million Loot Drop will release a mobile version of Old School RPG on iOS approximately 3 months after the core game is complete.

Brathwaite told Inside Social Games that Loot Drop’s mobile and social plans remain unchanged. “Our desire to make a core game fits well with other companies who have a broad platform strategy. EA, Ubisoft, and others have games on a variety of platforms. What we are doing, particularly given our extensive experience in core games, is not surprising or unique in the space.”

Released in May, Ghost Recon Commander marked Loot Drop’s first official Facebook game since its founding last year by video game industry veterans John Romero, Brenda Brathwaite and Rob Sirotek. In June Zynga also published Loot Drop’s social game Pettington Park on Google+.