Loot Raiders Updated with Guilds, New Gear and More

Loot Raiders Loot CaveAfter launching the game on Facebook and iOS devices in August 2014, Team Chaos has released Loot Raiders v1.1 on the social network and mobile devices. The update is said to address many issues players had with the game at launch, and also adds a variety of new content features to the MMORPG adventure simulation game.

In Loot Raiders, players create an avatar and take their hero through story missions to earn rewards, including gear and other loot to make them stronger. With this new update, players can now form their own guilds or join existing guilds, chatting with the other players they meet in the game. Guildmates can also be used as Battle Buddies.

Elsewhere, a powerful new equipment set called the Wolf Set has been released, and according to Team Chaos creative director, Trent Polack, “it’s pretty awesome.”

Finally, a loot cave mission type has been introduced, which may offer little chance for success, but promises big rewards if players manage to succeed.

Team Chaos has also revealed information on the game’s next big update, which will introduce Conquest mode to players for an entirely new player-vs-player experience. This mode will offer asynchronous gameplay with support for up-to four players, as gamers use strategy to defeat their opponents.

Loot Raiders is available to play for free on Facebook, and to download for free on iOS. The game has also been recently released on the Google Play store for Android users.