Los Angeles Angels Address ‘El Hombre’ Billboards

Welcome to Los Angeles, Albert Pujols.

The Los Angeles Angels made their free agent acquisition the center of their 2012 marketing campaign, featuring Pujols on 20 billboards with the tagline, “El Hombre.”

One problem — “El Hombre” translates to “The Man,” which is the nickname of former St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial.

Dating back to his time with the Cardinals, Pujols didn’t want to be associated with the nickname, out of respect to his relationship with Musial. He voiced his concerns about the billboard campaign last week while addressing the media at Spring Training.

Management heard the message loud and clear and the team isn’t using the phrase in additional marketing campaigns, according to the Los Angeles Times.

“From the outset, the billboards and ‘El Hombre’ were simply designed to be part of an overall team marketing plan,” said Tim Mead, the Angels’ vice president of communications. “There were no plans to carry the campaign into other areas, and that remains the case today.”

Team president John Carpino declined to get into details when asked if management met with Pujols since his outspoken comments last week.

Next time the club comes up with a marketing campaign centered around their $250 million man, they might want to run it past him first.

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