‘Stripper King’ Still Rues the Day He Said No to Al Pacino

The Devil’s Glove, the long-gestating debut novel of ex-New York City male stripper Louis Anthony Agnello Jr. (a.k.a. Cousin Vinny), came out last fall. But the promotional tour continues, this weekend in Savannah with a March 29 signing event.

If you have forgotten or never read about Agnello’s incredible life story, do yourself a favor and take the time to digest the details of Savannah Morning News entertainment writer Linda Sickler‘s profile piece. The article encompasses 9/11, Subway sandwich shops, acting aspirations, a 2001 media firestorm in Chappaqua, NY and a “hoo ha” of a career regret:

Al Pacino’s acting coach offered me a job to drive Al and him around town and I foolishly turned it down,” Agnello says. “I thought I was above all that because I was the top private male stripper in New York City at the time and was stripping for the Rockefeller’s and soap actresses on their birthdays.”

Larry Romano took the job and became a working actor throughout the 1990s,” he says. “Turning down a job with Al Pacino was the biggest blunder of my life. I didn’t realize the doors that would have opened and the powerful people I would have met, but I’ve somehow landed on my feet again.”

Sickler isn’t kidding when she leads with the idea that this Cousin’s experiences would make a great movie. The grinder-turned-author tells the reporter he’s up for the idea, and is easy to reach.
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