Lyft Trims the Moustache, Rebrands as the Nicer Uber

Will this new campaign work?

Lyft is tired of being “like Uber for amateur cab drivers.” Yesterday, the company laid out its rebranding strategy via a blog post and a real-life ad campaign set to air in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. Here’s the video via West Coast agency Eleven (for context, Lyft’s competitor made an appearance in a 2013 Nissan ad starring “Uber Driver Kate”):

The agency’s new tagline is “Driving You Happy”; from the company blog:

“Our new marketing efforts put it best: we’re all about driving you happy and making sure you enjoy the ride.”

Most importantly, the new year means no more (big) moustache.

There’s even a video for the “making of the ‘glowstache,'” which “pays tribute to the spirit and personality of the original ’stache while delivering a more sophisticated, illuminated in-car experience”:

Like Uber, Lyft wants customers to know that it’s really all about the drivers, who the company names “our everyday heroes.” In order to back up that claim, Lyft is now offering health insurance, gas cards, tax services, and used car deals to its drivers via various new corporate partners (MasterCard, eHealth, etc.).

Uber and Lyft have quite a few things in common: for example, they’re both currently facing class action lawsuits in San Francisco and regulatory problems in New York City. And while Lyft now positions itself as the friendlier of the two, it does not have “unlimited surge pricing” and cannot brag of $1.6 billion in new financing or a “we just don’t give a sh*t” approach to marketing.

Will Lyft always be seen as Uber’s little brother?

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.