Love Madonna? Ask Her A Question During Her First Ever Twitter Chat Tonight

Madonna is doing a huge social media push for her 12th studio album, MDNA, and as part of this massive social campaign the songstress will be answering questions via Twitter tonight at 10p.m. ET.

The queen of pop has never been the queen of tech. She hasn’t even actually been on Twitter before. But she and her marketing team have decided to promote MDNA using a social-only approach.

The promotion started on Saturday. Madonna did her only on-camera interview with Jimmy Fallon to be broadcast solely on her Facebook page. This interview was conducted at Facebook’s headquarters in New York on Saturday, and will be followed up by a live Twitter chat tonight.

Today is the official launch day for the album MDNA, and Madonna will be jumping on Twitter herself at 10p.m. ET to answer questions from her fans. Twitter users are asked to send questions to @MadonnaMDNADay and use the hashtag #askmadonna in their tweets to the Material Girl. The live chat can be followed on Twitter or on the Ask Madonna website.

As the Wall Street Journal explains, Madonna has never been terribly techie. And yet, she is undergoing one of the largest launches in music history using only social media to promote her new album.

Doing an exclusively social promotion should net Madonna lots of word-of-mouth buzz across networks like Twitter and Facebook. We’ll see if this translates to sales, and if it’s possible to sell an album by ditching the magazine cover shoots and TV interviews in favor of tweets and status updates.

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