Maggie Award Winners

The Western Publishing Association held a ceremony in Los Angeles this past weekend to announce the winners of the 2009 Maggie awards. Southern California didn’t do too badly in this competition for publications west of the Mississippi. Some of the local winners:

Best Tabloid/Consumer:
LA Weekly
Best Business, Finance, Management & Retail/Trade & Consumer:
Entrepreneur magazine
Best Visitor’s Guide/Consumer:
WHERE Los Angeles
Best News Story/Consumer:
LA Weekly
“Rathouse of the Palisades”
Best Single Editorial Illustration/Consumer:
Reason magazine
“What Part of Legal Immigration Don’t You Understand?”
Best Interview or Profile/Trade:
LA Stage
“Joan Rivers: An Actress in Comedian’s Clothes”
Best Signed Editorial or Essay/Trade:
emmy magazine
“Leaving Los Angeles”
Most Improved Publication/Consumer:
Orange Coast

View the complete list of winners here