Major websites are increasingly adopting Facebook login


The adoption of Facebook login among some of the top websites, as ranked by Alexa, has been growing gradually, according to Datanyze.

Datanyze, which tracks activity for roughly 25 million websites, finds that there has been a slow and steady increase in Facebook login adoption among the top 1 million websites. Datanyze has figures as far back as August, when 24,770 of the top 1 million websites had Facebook login. Now, more than 25,500 sites have it.

Among the top 100 sites, five have direct Facebook login as an option: Pinterest, Stackoverflow, ESPN, Netflix, and BuzzFeed.

Datanyze pulled the data, accurate as of Dec. 8, for Alexa-ranked websites that allow users to log in via Facebook. These numbers only take into account direct Facebook login connection, not through a third party:

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 11.40.10 AM

One of the top 100 websites allows Facebook login through a third party app (Gigya):

Sam Laber, Datanyze’s Director of Marketing, discussed these stats with Inside Facebook:

So I’d say adoption has gradually increased over the last 4 months. We saw it go from 24,770 Alexa top 1M websites on August 1 to 25,517 Alexa top 1M websites today.

It did do very well in November, gaining 1,988 total websites and only losing 692. This is from the entire Datanyze Universe of 25 million crawled websites.

Readers: How often do you connect to a website via Facebook?