Make Virtual Halloween Masks With This App

Have you decided on a Halloween costume? If not, Mojo Masks’ app can help. While the app can’t actually make you a physical Halloween costume, it can give you a very cool virtual costume. The app lets you add a mask to a photo of yourself turning you into a zombie, a cat, a skeleton, or any number of preset designs.

You can share these digitally altered photos to get into the Halloween spirit.Check it out: “Not only can you mask yourself, friends and unsuspecting strangers, but you can also add a little Mojo to any face in photos, billboards, online video, magazines and much more. Hold the app up to the TV and instantly watch as Mojo Masks takes over the scene. Voicemail and texting are so yesterday: Why not Mojo Video or Mojo Photo your friends instead?”

We encourage ambitious costume-makers to use this app to generate a virtual costume and then to recreate it in real life with make up or crafts.

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