Make This Talking Point Part of a Winning PR Message

looking at your watchEvery day around the world, PRs are sitting at their desks, in meetings, with their colleagues and at conference room tables with clients trying to decide on effective publicity messages. Of course, you want to highlight all the things that make the product or service you’re promoting of value. And you want to call out all the bells and whistles that make what your selling better than the competition.

A new study indicates there might be one perk that your PR message should highlight.

Zico Coconut Water conducted a survey that found 58 percent of people would pay $2,725 for an extra hour in their day. The survey, which questioned 1,000 US adults over the age of 18, was researching feelings about work-life balance. Most people feel that all of the work, emails, family responsibilities, etc are overwhelming. But it also says, more broadly, that people don’t just value time in some impalpable sense. They can attach a monetary value to it. A high one at that.

Time is something that busy modern people don’t have enough of. You want to do it all, be there for everyone, have a bit more time to proof that project before submitting it for review, write one more sentence, do 10 more squats at the gym (OK, maybe not), hang out for a few more minutes with your friends or your kids.

If the item you’re promoting, in some way, shape or form, can facilitate that, it should be one of the points your marketing message zeros in on.

One warning: be serious about it. If you say that your product or service can actually deliver precious time, people will be measuring that, looking for the truth. No, it doesn’t have to provide the whole hour that we crave. But even 10 or 15 legitimate minutes that you don’t have to spend on something un-fun or unfulfilling will make consumers happy. After all, judging by the dollar value specified in this survey, 15 minutes is worth $681.25.

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