March Madness: Big West Fans Most Positive on Twitter, Indiana Most Foul-Mouthed

Though the Big West teams may not have much success in the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship, their fans are among the happiest on Twitter, according to new research by Travelmath.

Though the Big West Conference teams may not have much success in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, their fans are among the happiest on Twitter, according to new research by Travelmath.

Travelmath monitored sentiment from NCAA fans, finding that UC Irvine supporters are the happiest, while Indiana fans are the most vulgar.

Travelmath blogged about how fans from the Big West (who have one NCAA tourney entry this year—Hawaii) topped the positive sentiment list:

The Big West Conference has the highest average sentiment score of all the NCAA conferences, with a ranking of about 0.60. This could have a lot to do with UC Irvine’s top position as the No. 1 “scorer” for positive feedback at both home and away games, since the school does play in the Big West Conference during NCAA season play. America East and the Ivy League trail behind the Big West conference, demonstrating that you don’t have to be a top-seed school in a famous conference to earn a dedicated, supportive fan base.

Big West member UC Irvine, which received its only tournament bid last year, led the positive sentiment rankings for both home and away games. The Anteaters will compete in the 3rd-tier College Insider Tournament.


Power conference schools are more represented in TravelMath’s negative sentiment list, with Louisville and Indiana leading the way.


The Big West also had the most vocal fans on Twitter, as fans led the way in usage of team-related hashtags.


Indiana, which will face Chattanooga on Thursday, has the most foul-mouthed fans on Twitter, according to Travelmath:

All athletes know there are penalties for being foul-mouthed or provocative on the court, but fans don’t always play by the same rules. The use of vulgarity or profanity in team support can sometimes be symbolic of historic rivalry – or even a marker of hardcore competition. It is always hard to tell whether vulgar terms are being tweeted by supporters or detractors, which may be more a sign of the language of our times than a measure of basketball fandom.

Tweets about Indiana included the most vulgar terms out of all game-day posts – 18.91% of tweets included vulgarity. Indiana is joined by Ohio State, the other Big Ten school that made the list of top 10 most profane tweets with 6.27% of tweets including vulgar terms. Two Big 12 schools made the vulgarity list: University of Texas at Austin with 13.81% tweets including vulgar terms and West Virginia with 6.18% vulgar tweets. UCLA plays in the PAC-12 conference and earned 7.1% of tweets with vulgarity, rounding out a top-seed-studded list of foul-mouthed tweeters.

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Image courtesy of the University of Hawaii Men’s Basketball on Facebook.

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