OC Convoy on Its Way to Meet with Family of Slain Syria Journalist

Two vans, 12 passengers and “Free Syria” logos painted on the side of each vehicle. Those are the basics of the cross-country “Marie Colvin convoy,” which departed Anaheim yesterday for New York City.

The group expects their caravan to have grown much larger by the time they arrive in Manhattan for a possible meeting with UN officials and later, in DC, a protest near the White House. But first, per Eric Carpenter’s article in the Orange County Register, there will be a critical, namesake stop at the New York area home of slain journalist Colvin:

Colvin, 56, was an American journalist for the (London) Sunday Times, who died last month while covering the Syrian conflict. She and a photojournalist were killed in Homs, Syria during shelling by the Syrian Army.

[Excursion organizer Belal] Dalati said he spoke to Colvin’s sister by telephone and she agreed to meet with him and others from the Syrian American Council. They plan to present the family with a “medal of honor” – a glass and bronze trophy of an eagle inscribed with the words, “The Syrian American community will never forget the great sacrifice. Freedom is always a worthy cause.”

Expect a lot more media coverage as the convoy makes its way across the U.S. in time for a scheduled March 15 NYC arrival. More info here.

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.