Zuckerberg in Japan | LivingSocial Takes on Takeout | Draw Something Scam

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Star-struck Japan PM Befriends Facebook’s Zuckerberg (Reuters)
Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda frequently entertains dignitaries from all over the world, but he was a touch star-struck on Thursday when he hosted a young billionaire with a whiff of celebrity: Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg. As cabinet ministers filed through Noda’s residence for a late afternoon meeting, it was Zuckerberg who drew a fusillade of camera flashes from a hefty media contingent as he strode through the entrance like a movie star. ZDNet It is still not clear exactly what Zuckerberg’s visit to Japan will entail, but it is already appearing more business orientated than his holiday in China. AllFacebook The International Herald Tribune’s Rendezvous blog reported that Zuckerberg and girlfriend Priscilla Chan were spotted in Shanghai Tuesday, immediately fueling speculation that Facebook was making another attempt to gain a foothold in a market where access to the social network is severely restricted.

Spotify Extends Free Unlimited Music (SocialTimes)
If your 30 days of free unlimited music on Spotify are almost up, you can calm down: the company has decided to extend the deal a little longer. Wrote Spotify’s Andres Sehr in a blog post, “We’ve been so overwhelmed by the U.S. response to Spotify that we’ve extended the honeymoon for unlimited free listening.” Lifehacker Spotify announced that they’re extending this honeymoon for an as-yet-to-be-determined amount of time, so if you were debating getting an Unlimited account, you can hold off for a little while longer and save some cash (as long as you’re OK with the ads). paidContent What has changed? In short, Facebook has become a key conversion tool. Spotify isn’t saying it along with this announcement, but all media services which announced controversial integration with Facebook’s frictionless sharing system last fall have seen a big influx in usage.

Follow The Titanic’s Ill-Fated Voyage On Twitter (AllTwitter)
Are you a history buff? If so, you should check out the Titanic Twitter feed. It allows followers to “experience Titanic’s epic journey with day-by-day and minute-by-minute tweets as if from on board the ship itself.” A little spooky, but very cool.

Bump Launches Payments App To Let You Share Money By Tapping Phones Together (Fast Company)
Bump, the app that lets users “bump” smartphones together to share contacts and photos, is launching another service to let users pay the same way. It’s called Bump Pay. It’s a simple solution, powered by PayPal, and designed to solve the headache of splitting drink or dinner tabs.

Travyon Martin Killer’s Story of Self-Defense in Question on Reddit (The Daily Dot)
Redditors agree: a recently leaked video that shows George Zimmerman on the night he was cuffed by police for shooting Travyon Martin disproves Zimmerman’s side of the story. On the social news site, users went full-scale CSI on the video, dissecting it with painstaking details and noting plenty of details that seem to refute Zimmerman’s account.

LivingSocial ‘Takeout & Delivery’ Launches, Targets Seamless and GrubHub (The Verge)
Daily email and local deals site LivingSocial announced this morning that it’s diving into the local delivery game with thousands of restaurants in 26 cities nationwide with its new Takeout & Delivery service, putting it squarely in competition with services like Seamless.com and GrubHub. USA Today The service replaces LivingSocial’s instant-deals site, which offered real-time discounts with tight time constraints. LivingSocial says that service was a testing ground for its new, food-focused offering.

Netflix is Following Through on Those Qwikster Plans After All (Venture Beat)
Netflix has taken another drastic step in distinguishing its DVD-by-mail rental business from its unlimited streaming video service. Some customers are reporting that they are no longer able to rate and review movies and DVD shows on the main Netflix listing. Instead, they are redirected to a new page that’s set up specifically for DVDs. IGN Now, the company is splitting up the services again, but only when browsing for titles. Unlike with Qwikster, the Netflix name will remain, but users who only subscribe to DVD or streaming will just see the catalog for each specific service.

Watch Out for a Draw Something Scam on Twitter (Mashable)
Sophos’ Naked Security Blog wrote about a scam on Twitter involving the wildly popular game Draw Something. It reportedly targets those who’ve tweeted about the game, promises prizes and steals personal info.

Zynga Execs Selling Over 20M Shares in Secondary Offering
(Inside Social Games)
Nearly half of all the shares sold in Zynga’s secondary stock offering will be coming from Zynga’s executives and directors, according to the written prospectus regarding yesterday’s share pricing. The secondary offering’s timing is geared towards counteracting the approaching end of Zynga’s lock-up period — when all outstanding shares other than those sold during the IPO can’t be traded — which is set to expire on May 28.