Marvel: Avengers Alliance Updated with Spec Op Starring the Inhumans

CrystalMarvel: Avengers Alliance has received its newest content update on Facebook. Entitled “The Inhumans,” the content update introduces players to the heroes and villains of the upcoming Marvel film Inhumans. This is one of the first times players will be able to engage with these characters in an interactive experience.

The Inhumans content update is found in a new time-limited Spec Op, which sees players completing a new storyline in which “Maximus the Mad reaches out to the Inhuman Royal Family and S.H.I.E.L.D. with troubling news: Thanos has broken free of his amber prison, and is returning to Earth, seeking revenge.”

Agents who complete this Spec Op event will receive Crystal, a member of the Inhuman Royal Family, who comes equipped with the ability to mentally manipulate fire, water, earth and air. To learn more about the Inhumans, check out the Marvel website.

Marvel: Avengers Alliance is available to play for free on Facebook. In the game, players fight alongside their favorite characters from the Marvel universe in strategic turn-based battles. As players level up, their heroes receive new abilities and battles become more complex over time.