Maureen Dowd Dismisses BuzzFeed Insinuation

AmyPascalThumbOur first reaction last night to Matthew Zeitlin’s BuzzFeed item about some more of those Sony hack emails, in this case a brief March 2014 correspondence between studio co-chairman Amy Pascal (pictured) and her husband, former New York Times reporter Bernard Weinraub, was two-fold.

One, we quickly ascertained that there was no email in the shared string from Maureen Dowd; second, after reading, we surmised that if anyone had overstepped some bounds here – privately and carelessly – it was Pascal’s husband Weinraub. Today, in a statement provided to FishbowlNY and other outlets, Dowd has responded:

“I never showed Bernie the column in advance or promised to show it. Bernie is an old friend and the Times’ former Hollywood reporter, and he sometimes gives me ideas for entertainment columns.”

“In January, he suggested a column, inspired by a study cited in the LA Times, about the state of women in Hollywood. Amy is a friend and I reassured her before our interview that it wasn’t an antagonistic piece. She wasn’t the focus of the story, nor was Sony.”

“I emailed with Bernie and talked to him before I wrote the column in March, getting his perspective on the Hollywood old boys’ club and the progress of women. But I didn’t send him the column beforehand.”

If you must read something at this moment about the Sony hack, may we suggest “That Funny Stuff From the Sony Hack Is Stolen Property. The National Review‘s Tim Cavanaugh makes a number of salient points, including:

In most cases, the establishment media’s reporting on the Sony crime has merely followed the leads of BuzzFeed, Gawker and TMZ; but there has been remarkably little of the reticence that characterizes mainstream coverage of, for example, the identity of the University of Virginia rape accuser or the circumstances of the beheading of James Foley by the Islamic State. Under ordinary circumstances, the destination media enthusiastically applaud their own good taste in suppressing information. Why do these standards change when the victims work in show business?

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