NYT‘s Maureen Dowd Shares Her ‘Mitt Fantasy’

Maureen Dowd may be the only person to fantasize about GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and then publish that fantasy for a national audience. The fantasy even involves handcuffs, imagery of two men wrestling and a “mine-is-bigger-than-yours” reference.

Sounds like everything former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer would want in a roommate. But no, the columnist’s musings aren’t so delicious. They really boiled down to the idea that in the event of an electoral tie, the nation could end up with a Mitt Romney presidency and a Joe Biden vice presidency.

Some excerpts…

  • “So the first election decided by Congress in more than a century would produce a Republican president handcuffed to a Democratic vice president.”
  • “[G]iven the electoral isthmus the two men are wrestling on, it doesn’t seem like such a wild [fantasy]. There is growing buzz that the dead heat could slide into a deadlock.”
  • “For the first time, we see President Cool unable to keep his feelings completely cloaked. In Boca, his dark eyes were glaring daggers at Romney, who was sporting his smarmy smile and mine-is-bigger-than-yours flag pin.”

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