Maxim to Relaunch Again

Might as well.

208_1115_leaseydoux_cvMaxim is trying desperately to hang on. Editor Kate Lanphear, who joined from T: The New York Times Style Magazine last year, brought some class. That didn’t work. She put Idris Elba on the cover. That didn’t work. Now, Lanphear and staffers are embracing another redesign; the second in her short tenure.

According to WWD, the new Maxim will be larger and come with thicker paper stock. Featured photography “is bolder, glossier but also stark in contrast to the white spaces left on the page.”

Along with the revamp, Maxim is cutting its rate base from two million to just 900,000. This, Maxim publisher Kevin Martinez explained to WWD, was “a decision that reflects the media landscape and realistic rate base levels today.”

“It’s the Wild West out there and whomever is the boldest guy is the sheriff,” added Martinez. “Maxim is the wild card.”

We don’t even know what that means, but good luck.

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