Mayo Clinic’s Anxiety Coach App Wants To Help You Get Over Anxiety

Do you get nervous when you have to speak in front of large groups of people or when you have to interview that powerful word-twisting source? The Mayo Clinic has a new app that aims to help you get over your anxiety called AnxietyCoach.

The $4.99 app was created by two clinical psychologists who specialize in treating anxiety disorders. The app guides users through a series of questions to help determine your various anxiety issues. Based on the results, the app helps users make a personal plan to target individual fears and worries.

The app comes loaded with a library of more than 500 activities that others have used to help them get over worrying behavior that have held them back. As you practice these activities, you can record and track your progress. If the anxiety turns out to be a real problem, the app will recommend you seek professional help.

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