Mayor Bloomberg Terror Threat Briefing Only Covered Live By WCBS and WNBC

With the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on Sunday, there’s word of a credible, but unconfirmed threat that authorities were taking seriously. The threat, to coincide with this weekend’s memorial services, potentially involves New York and/or Washington.  

Moments before President Obama’s jobs address to Congress, came word of the threat. By 8:30 p.m., it was announced that Mayor Bloomberg would give a briefing. Just after 9:40 p.m., he spoke about the threat at One Police Plaza in Lower Manhattan. Bloomberg was flanked by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and the FBI New York chief Janet Fedarcyk.

WCBS/Channel 2, with Maurice DuBois and Kristine Johnson, broke into Big Brother to carry the Mayor’s remarks. 

WNBC/Channel 4, with Chuck Scarborough at the helm, shared the screen with the NFL opener. WNBC kept the football on most of the screen, while the news conference was relegated to a small box in the top right corner. No complaints, though. We could see it, and more important, we could hear it.

Embarrassingly, that was not the case for every other New York City non-cable station.

WNYW/Channel 5 and sister station WWOR/Channel 9 could have just started their 10 p.m. broadcast early. Same goes for WPIX/Channel 11, which opted to stick with the CW prime time lineup.

Surprisingly, even WABC/Channel 7 was a no-show for the Mayor’s live briefing.

For some reason, only WCBS and WNBC deemed the Bloomberg terror statement worthy of being breaking news.