A-Maze-In: Help a Minotaur Rescue His Bride on iOS

Marobi Entertainment has announced the launch of its new iOS title: A-Maze-In. The game challenges players to help a minotaur named Mino rescue his fiancé, Mina (also the princess of the kingdom), from the clutches of a power-hungry, evil minotaur with his eyes on the throne. The level-based puzzle game asks users to navigate complex maze environments, collecting keys to open colored gates blocking their progress.

In each level of A-Maze-In, the exit is blocked by a gate and players must explore the maze until they find the key to open it. Each maze has a different layout of twists and turns, as well as obstacles and enemies. A standard warrior, for instance, wanders on a set path, and while they won’t chase Mino, they will attack him if players get too close. Traps, meanwhile, include spikes and walls of fire, as examples.

Mino has multiple hearts, and players lose a single heart each time he is attacked or hits an obstacle. These hearts can be recharged by collecting the bones scattered throughout each maze, or by purchasing them directly with real money in the middle of a level.A-Maze-InUsers can collect potions during each maze (or purchase them with real money). One may let Mino shoot a fireball to kill an enemy, as an example, while another poisons all nearby enemies, stunning them for a few seconds, and so on. Players earn up to three stars on each level, with each star related to a different task. Some of these focus on not using potions, or on killing or stunning enemies, while others may focus on completing a level in a short amount of time or not losing any hearts (and more). Stars aren’t required for level progression, but collecting them in bulk will unlock special levels on the world map.

Players lose a life if Mino loses all of his hearts in a maze. These recharge automatically over time, or can be sent between friends as free gifts through Facebook connectivity. Finally, players will earn achievements as they complete specific in-game tasks, like using potions in bulk, or even dying on specific traps.

A-Maze-In is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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