BuzzFeeder Draws Ire For Calling Ad ‘Misleading’

BuzzFeed‘s McKay Coppins is catching flack for characterizing claims in a Mitt Romney campaign ad as “misleading” rather than “a lie.”

“There’s really no good explanation or excuse for it,” Coppins tweeted out. “Mitt Romney’s Jeep ad is misleading. Full stop.” The ad in question states that President Obama, through the auto-bailout, “sold Chrysler to Italians, who are going to build Jeeps in China.” The claim has faced criticism for not providing a full context that even though Jeeps will be made in China, Chrysler’s existing workforce in America will remain.

“It’s a bald faced lie,” MSNBC’s Goldie Taylor shouted at Coppins, who also received the equivalent of rotten tomatoes from a certain Washington editor… Several other journos said Coppins should have labeled the ad claims as a lie, including Josh Marshall, editor of the liberal Talking Points Memo.

“‘Misleading’ [for the win],” Marshall sarcastically tweeted at Coppins. Marshall told FishbowlDC that “as a general matter, I think reporters owe readers a much franker accounting of when politicians are trying to deceive them.”

Coppins responded to Marshall’s tweet, “Take a break from petty trolling and go watch baseball or something.” Marshall shot back, “Ring me back when you’ve been in the business for longer than a week, kid.”

Andrew Kaczynski, also at BuzzFeed, jumped in to defend Coppins. “Childish taunt followed by insult about your age FTW,” he said.

And putting a cap on the back-and-forth, Coppins declared, “Hope I can be like [Marshall] when I grow up!”

We requested comment from Coppins, who tends to comment on Twitter after you ask him a question. It’s apparently the new trend in journalism.

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