Measuring Success Of HR

So in this economic climate, major companies are always looking for ways to scrimp and save. If you’re in HR, you maybe feeling the brunt of this right now. It also doesn’t help when Rutgers professors are telling people not to trust HR. The truth is there are ways you can shore up quantifiable data that upper management&#151whose bottom line always seems to be numbers&#151will respect.
Over at, Erik Sorenson, CEO of Vault, tells us that there are some factors you can use to develop measurable reports for your company.
1)Employee Satisfaction &#151You have direct access to your employees and thus insight into their mood and feeling. You can develop a survey that judges the overall satisfaction of your employees during these troubling times. Everyone knows that unhappy employees make for less productive workers. So if you’re business is a little sluggish right now, maybe go out and determine the general mood of the company. Upper management could be grateful for your insight.
2) Communicate the ROI of Satisfied Employees&#151Okay, so not every head honcho is going to see the benefit of employee satisfaction. In this economy, heck no one is leaving there job and if they do you can always replace them with someone equally or more talented. This is precisely the stance we don’t want right now. You need to show your top dogs the actual price of losing employees or the cost of lackadaisical workers. Couch it in terms of money. That’s something they’ll always understand.
3) Make Cuts Yourself&#151In these times everyone has to make sacrifices and that includes the HR department. Don’t forget to show your bosses that you are making the cuts necessary to keep your company lean and mean. If that means cutting some training programs right now, then that’s what you’re going to have to do. Be assured that once you get through these tough times&#151with your own job still firmly in hand&#151you can add those programs right back.
If you’re interested in knowing the value of such metrics, check out the full article here.